Integrated campaigns
Content marketing
Marketing automation
E-mail marketing
Social Media

We run sales, image and promotional campaigns. We design integrated advertising campaigns using multiple communication channels.

Among others, we use the following in our marketing activities: SEO/SEM, mailings, content marketing, remarketing, social media, display and video type broad-reach campaigns, programmatic platforms, adverts in games and applications. We charge success fees for some of our activities.

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SEO / SEM / Content Marketing

We run comprehensive SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) programmes. We optimise resources to ensure compliance with WCAG 2.0. We pursue strategies based on link building combined with content marketing activities.

Our valuable content enables us to extend the reach of brands and acquire new customers for them.


You communicate your advertising message to users who have already visited your online shop, website or social media profile.

We analyse data and create customer segments to exhibit banners and video clips corresponding to resources explored by users. Because we have implemented multiple remarketing campaigns, we know which solutions are effective.

Channel handling
and communication planning

We integrate numerous channels and route communication streams towards locations having a true potential for your brand.

Marketing campaigns

Cooperation with multiple publishers and advertising networks enables us to reach almost 100% of users on the Polish Internet. We run adverts using efficient ad server platforms, RTB / Programmatic / Google Marketing Platform.

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Our offer includes theme networks used to reach persons interested in, e.g. healthcare and body care, real estate or business. On the basis of collected data, we automatically create behavioural models constituting the basis for building other interaction stages. All this happens according to the following rule: “First we define users’ needs, then we offer selected solutions”.


Email marketing / Marketing Automation

We use the data acquired during a campaign (e.g. emails, information on specific purchases, data from forms, phone numbers) to build dynamic communication.

The example of this is remarketing or marketing automation based on predefined rules (e.g. shopping lists, browsing certain categories in shops or on websites).