Our high competences are confirmed by implemented projects and numerous references from our Clients.
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We discover needs

While identifying the needs of users (consumers) we use quantitative (survey questionnaires, analyses of data sets collected from sales or CRM systems) and qualitative data obtained, e.g. from focus group interviews (FGI) and observations.

We are inquisitive - we create insights also reflecting hidden needs or objectives of elected audiences and users.

We analyse and study

An in-depth analysis of our Client's needs is a common element of all our activities. By “analysis” we mean not only familiarising ourselves with a brief. We obtain all the necessary information in the course of consultations, workshops, interviews, surveys, document analyses and brand visibility in the media space.

We implement our projects comprehensively. We are able to conduct both usability studies for graphical interfaces (portals, applications, websites, systems, multimedia kiosks, ATMs) and surveys connected with brand awareness defined by such indicators as: spontaneous brand awareness, aided brand awareness or top-of-mind brand awareness.

We create

The knowledge obtained from analyses, studies and insights enhances the creation process. It can inspire, provoke or encourage interaction. As a result, it should be valuable for the people we communicate with. This criterion is the essence of our work. This is how we understand creation and its role in the marketing communication process.


We design communication tools
(websites, corporate portals, applications, systems, creations)

Our creative and technological teams translate CREATION (e.g. key visuals) into various communication tools / forms. They may include video clips, banners, mobile apps, websites,
corporate portals, loyalty systems,
POS and outdoor materials.

We focus on coherent brand communication and the comprehensive designing of customer experience. As far as effectiveness is concerned, it does not matter if we firstly initiate an interaction, e.g. in a physical point-of-sale or within a digital channel. The combination of such interaction channels is vital to build relationships with customers, based on a coherent message.

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We select online media

We give advice concerning the selection of optimum communication channels. We purchase advertising space and time in online media. We run comprehensive marketing programmes using such communication tools and channels as: email marketing, SEO/SEM, content marketing, remarketing, social media, broad-reach campaigns and affiliate platforms.

We charge success fees for some of our activities. We use the data acquired during an advertising campaign (e.g. emails, information on specific purchases, data from forms, phone numbers) to build dynamic communication. Examples of such activities include marketing automation, remarketing or omnichannel activities.