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Project / 17.06.2022

E-commerce Mindnotes® configurator

Mindnotes notebooks are high-quality products that stand out with their design, variety of materials used, and almost unlimited customization options.

We created a website with an e-commerce application for Mindnotes, which offers high-quality notebooks with eye-catching design, a variety of materials, and almost unlimited personalization options. Our responsibilities included information architecture and copywriting. As Mindnotes operates on multiple European markets, we implemented the project in Polish, English, German, and French versions. The e-commerce application enables users to configure their own notebooks from over a thousand possibilities.

During the configuration process, users get a full preview of the notebook with dynamically changing elements. Configurable variables such as paper type, colors, number of sheets, and other options are provided by the application's API from the ERP system. This allows for dynamic management of variables and processing of inquiries and orders directly in the ERP system. The configurator's distinguishing feature is the ability to reproduce the full configuration "step by step". To do this, simply use the link or unique configuration code displayed in the summary.


See Mindnotes' implementations:

Work environment and technology used:

Workshops: Design Thinking
Work environment: Scrum / Kanban
Communication: Jira / Confluence / Slack
Front-end: Vue.js / Nuxt.js / PWA (Progressive Web App)
Back-end: PHP Symfony / API Platform / Node.js
Server: Linux