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Project / 19.02.2019

Flashstore Product Portal

Flashstore is a brand owned by the Visual Media group that specialises in the production and distribution of USB flash drives (advertising and utility flash drives) and power banks (mobile batteries for smartphones and tablets).

Thanks to Flashstore services, many companies from different regions of the world use branded USB flash drives of exceptional design and quality. Flashstore also offers professional solutions for technology companies and production lines.


The most important section of the website consists of a product catalogue combined with a dynamic clipboard feature. It enables users to add selected products to a reference list. Next, a few clicks enable them to send a letter of enquiry to the Flashstore Commercial Department. The process has been designed to let users focus mainly on exploring the product catalogue and not waste their energy on tasks like saving or copying links to individual products.

Due to the scale of our business activity, WWW resources are also available under the domains: and For the purposes of the project, VISUAL took several hundred product photos.

In the third quarter of 2019, we will also implement a new e-commerce platform based on Magento 2. However, the Flashstore brand will have much more to offer its customers.