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Project / 14.03.2019

New application for MAKRO Cash and Carry

This is the second version of the application enabling MAKRO customers to choose marketing communication channels.

Granting consent to, e.g. receive e-mails or SMS messages, is rewarded with a discount coupon. Using the interface, MAKRO customers can update their email address, phone number and subscribe to an electronic promotional catalogue (no printed copies are needed).

In addition to the new graphical interface, the current version of the application features flexibility in terms of communication profiling by MAKRO. Using individual “tokens”, our client can launch advertising campaigns aimed at obtaining various types of marketing consents (sms, email, telephone).

As a result, the application layout (communication) corresponds to the campaign objective, increasing its business effectiveness.

Another solution to increase conversion (ROI) is a special landing page that can be edited at the CMS level and combined with the activity of a specific client. The user granting permission / changing permission to marketing communication may receive a free product.

The author of the application's business logic is the MAKRO team, while our Software House and UX Department visualised the processes using diagrams, graphic layouts, and created and implemented the complete technological environment.