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Project / 22.05.2019

Web game for AMS S.A.

The application designed for AMS S.A. demonstrates the potential for interactions between smartphones and large 9 m2 LED screen.

The game, designed by VISUAL, is a puzzle for children, for up to 4 players simultaneously. Points are awarded to players for each puzzle piece put in its correct place. The person who puts the most puzzle pieces into their correct places in the shortest time wins.

The game’s interface is divided between two screens – (1) a Smartphone and (2) a 9 m2 LED screen. The large screen displays the players’ avatars and nicknames, how many points they have scored and the puzzle pieces they have found.

From the communicative and technological standpoint, the solution fits the Smart City concept, as well as the trend for digitisation of advertising media (both indoor and outdoor). The code base makes it possible to implement the solution at events (picnics, company meetings, car dealerships, supermarkets, etc.), as well as for mass audiences (in urban spaces).