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Project / 28.02.2022

The launch of the portal

We are pleased to present the website in a new version. We have combined a user-friendly interface and modern design with efficient web technologies. As a result, we have created a project tailored to the needs of Profim - one of the largest office seating manufacturers in Europe.

The heart of the project is the product catalog presented in the form of an offer. Its typography and functionality represent a new approach to presenting visually attractive and designer products. From the very beginning, the goal was to create a minimalist interface that affects user experiences through typography, interaction, animation, and above all, high-quality visual images and renders.

The functional space of the portal provides tools for both end-users (customers) as well as trade partners and architects. Among the components, attention may be drawn to the „download files” application. Using the available interface functions, the user has the possibility to quickly and conveniently download many resources from one place (catalogs, photos, 3D models, certificates, instructions). As a result, the filtered files can be downloaded as one package (zip) or a new selection can be made by adding only selected resources to the cart.

Due to the relatively large amount of resources and the fact that users who use the search engine most often search for products, the results are presented in a graphical form.

Similarly to most of the projects we carry out, the portal was built as a three-layer environment: front-end application ↔API↔back-end. The backend of the portal is the vmContent CMS system, which we created from scratch at Visual Media.

Work environment and technology used:

Workshops: Design Thinking
Work environment: Scrum / Kanban
Communication: Jira / Confluence / Slack
Front-end: Vue.js / HTML / Nuxt.js / Node.js
Back-end: Nginx / PHP Symfony / API Platform
Server: Linux