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Project / 14.01.2022

The MARO web application is now online!

We have designed a new website,, for the manufacturer of office furniture MARO. The project is a strategic business tool aimed at the European market as well as selected regions in Asia and Africa. It reflects the over 30-year organizational culture of the company and provides a range of tools to support end customers, trading partners, architects, salespeople, and HR personnel in the MARO organization.

We were responsible for the comprehensive implementation - from conducting UX workshops (Design Thinking) through layout design, front-end application development, integration, creating dedicated CMS system components, and implementation.

The project is based on the latest version of the CMS system - vmContentwhich is an environment for managing medium-sized applications as well as portals with a distributed architecture that use APIs connected to the CMS's parent hub - the API Platform - for communication.


Design Tools

these are resources aimed at architects and MARO business partners. The content of this area includes, among others, a file repository for downloading, 3D arrangements (Planning starters), inspirations, and an application for ordering samples.


We have built numerous mechanisms on the CMS side in the product catalog, allowing, among other things, the definition of filters and the assignment of products and collections with selected features to them. The product card has been connected to the file repository, allowing them to be "shared" and displayed in the appropriate contexts.


We have implemented seven different automated forms in the project to streamline information flow. Personal data is collected using optimal practices in terms of GDPR - each event has been assigned a unique ID number. An example of such a solution is the recruitment form (below).

We invite you to visit:

Environment and technology used:

Workshop: Design Thinking
Work Environment: Scrum / Kanban
Communication: Jira / Confluence / Slack
Front-end: Vue.js / HTML / Nuxt.js / Node.js / PWA (Progressive Web App) 
Back-end: Nginx / PHP Symfony / API Platform
Server: Linux