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Project / 05.09.2018

VISUAL in a new version. Welcome to the future!

This is already the sixth version of our website. The first version was created in 1999 and we were also proud of it.

The current website is not just a new interface, but a visualization of our philosophy in the context of the services and products we create.
In addition to communication strategy, creation, and useful user interfaces, our technological services are also a clear point of our development. In 2017, we already created a Software House focused on building solutions for clients and our own projects.

The service was made using modern PWA (Progressive Web App) technology, and its backend is powered by the API Platform with a CMS system based on the Symfony 4.x framework. This standard is also a kind of manifesto for us. We have long thought of our services as a business product that is not just a regular website but a crucial tool for the organization's operation.

We have spent a long time considering how the structure and design of the website should look in order to cohesively communicate not only our competencies and offerings but also our culture. We have decided to showcase what is most important - our team.

With the exception of the homepage (header), all the photos were taken in our offices and feature people from our organization. The photo visible in the header of the website (Norway) was taken by Nicholas - a German dentist who lives in the heart of the Alps with his wife. They share their passions together, and Nicholas claims that the Alps are his second office. He has been involved in professional landscape photography for over a decade.

On our blog, we publish information about new projects and clients, but we also share our knowledge. In this space, we want to post articles related to technology, management, production methods, design, and UX research. If you have an idea for an article and would like to publish it on our blog, please write to us.