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Project / 19.04.2023

E-commerce with the pCon.Planner configurator for Maro Office Furniture.

We have implemented a new application for MARO Office Furniture. The portal that we launched last year has now been enhanced with an e-commerce system based on a furniture configurator (pCon.Planner). Thanks to this, MARO's customers can utilize the online store by customizing products in detail, such as their finish, color, size, and other specific features related to each category, such as desks, reception counters, storage furniture, and acoustic furniture. The configuration process is facilitated through selectable options and manipulation of the 3D object (rotation, zooming, clicking on selected elements if available).

Maro e-commerce mockup

In addition to the configurational and transactional features, special attention is given to product categories that are a clear response to the needs of the most discerning individuals who value tailored solutions. Examples of such categories include "Home Office" furniture, "Agile Furniture," and acoustic solutions. These categories cater to customers who seek personalized, high-quality solutions that meet their specific requirements.

MARO's high-quality furniture and projects have been chosen by many well-known and admired brands in the European market, including Apple, 3M, Harley Davidson, and Porsche. We believe that the implemented online tools will further contribute to creating even more value for our clients. These tools will enhance the customer experience, streamline the customization process, and ensure that MARO continues to deliver exceptional products and services to meet the unique needs of each brand.


Work environment and technology used:

Workshops: Design Thinking
Working environment: Scrum / Kanban
Communication: Jira / Confluence / Slack
Front-end: Vue.js / HTML / Nuxt.js / Node.js / PWA (Progressive Web App)
Back-end: Nginx / PHP Symfony / API Platform
Server: Linux