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Project / 10.01.2020

Mindnotes Configurator - express yourself!

Firma Promonotes is a manufacturer of, among other things, personalized hardcover notebooks. Some of them look like true works of art - tailored to individual preferences. With hundreds of combinations to choose from, everyone can find something for themselves. Whether you are a musician and in a moment of inspiration want to quickly jot down new notes, or a chef who records the best culinary ideas and experiences, or just a passionate person in any field - where passion and ideas create your world.


Personalized products are available under the Mindnotes brand, and specifically for its customers (mainly business ones), we design an online platform where they can explore a wide range of options and, most importantly, design their unique notebook (for example, choosing the type of cover, paper, watermarks color, bookmarks, accessories, and finishing materials).

The project is being developed as a WEB application - PWA (Progressive Web App) with variable product logic coming from the client's ERP system. The entire project is executed using methods characteristic of User-Centered Design/Design Thinking and Service Design. We use each method to bring out the best for the project, its users, and the client's needs.

And now for an interesting fact... did you know that Leonardo da Vinci left behind almost 10,000 recorded pages of notes, sketches, and calculations, while Steve Jobs, like Leonardo, was both an inventor and an artist (in industrial design), and after his "writing activities," only one-fifth of his emails could be recovered? Digital culture is becoming dominant, but the combination of emotions and thoughts with traditional writing has something special about it.

A short break during UX workshops (during which, among other things, users talked about their needs, created a site map, a mockup of the project's strategic areas, and most importantly, we worked together).