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Client / 20.09.2018

ODIDO in digital with VISUAL

ODIDO is a chain of stores (including foodstuffs, household chemicals) located throughout Poland. The brand belongs to the Metro AG Group and brings together independent store owners, supported through the delivery of goods, e-commerce platforms, promotional tools, and multichannel marketing.

We are responsible for supporting the ODIDO brand on the internet. We are designing a number of tools, and recently we have also been building a new website aimed at consumers and franchisees. The project is based on efficient technological solutions (front-end - vue.js / back-end - CMS Symfony 4 / API platform).

The motto "Od domu blisko do domu wszystko" (Near home, everything for home) has become the expression of the vision that has accompanied this business for many years. Our client is supported by a team with unique experience in designing and managing FMCG brands. We are convinced that the combination of our skills will result in even more effective solutions.