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Project / 14.10.2021

Online invoices - PWA application (Invoice App)

We designed a new PWA (Progressive Web App) application for MAKRO Cash & Carry Poland, enabling Makro customers to download online invoices.
The web application allows for both the registration of a new customer account and automatic migration of users to the new platform if they had previously used an older version of the system.

The user interface, designed in a user-friendly manner (including numerous filtering options), allows users to download individual documents in pdf or xls format, as well as "invoice packages" for a selected period.

The Invoice App is a solution based on a multilayer architecture, where the back-end system and data integration points play a significant role. If a Makro client has multiple card numbers (e.g. purchases made by employees or other branches of the company), they can use the "account management" section to connect additional cards to the system and download invoices associated with them.

The technologies used are: Vue.js / Nuxt.js / Symfony / Oracle database