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Project / 02.02.2024 - PWA application, brandbook

For the company - a leader in the GPS monitoring industry in Poland, we have designed modern communication tools: a Progressive Web App (PWA) website and a visual identity system (brandbook).

We were responsible for the comprehensive implementation of the project, which included workshops following an innovative formula. We combined the most effective elements of Design Thinking with team coaching. We created a workshop model that, in addition to production and business benefits, provided our client with additional value.

Selected features and benefits of workshops according to the Coaching Design method:

• Teamwork; each participant is equally important;
• The common goal is the goal of each participant, it is defined during the workshops;
• Questions and communication during the workshops are open-ended (the semantics and formulation of questions are important);
• Team communication is based on acceptance and respect (thus contributing to strengthening relationships and innovation);
• Builds a broader perspective (we have applied, among others, the "six hats" method by E. Bonno) - (1) facts, (2) emotions, (3) critical thinking, (4) positive aspects (potential benefits), (5) creativity and new ideas, (6) moderator (oversees the process);
• Coaching Design supports both workshop goals and team communication skills and collaboration after the workshops.

We implemented the website using proprietary solutions, based in part on the CMS system - vmContent (version 4.AI), which serves as an environment for managing applications with distributed architecture, utilizing APIs connected to the parent hub of the CMS - API Platform. The 4.AI version of the system has been prepared for integration with generative artificial intelligence solutions in content creation (texts, images, and animations). Our primary goal is to create an environment using the vmContent interface for generating content created by AI.

The substantive content and structure of the portal have been planned from scratch in the context of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). A particular area of the strategy concerns preparing information for the implementation of the latest AI solutions from Google. According to the official communication (May 2023) "Supercharging Search with generative AI" one of the main features of the new search is increased multimodality of content (images, reviews, videos, comments, ratings, product animations, expert opinions, product or service parameter snapshots) linked to the operationality of artificial intelligence.

In addition to online communication tools, we have also created an extensive brand book (including logo guidelines, new company headquarters, a new fleet of vehicles, digital materials, clothing and accessories, and brand story).