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Project / 05.02.2021

The furniture industry with VISUAL

MARO is a Polish manufacturer of office furniture, who chose us as the next brand in the industry to build new digital tools.
MARO's products can be found in the offices of Polish companies such as Apple, Unilever, BMW, Harley Davidson, Orlen, Bank Pekao, ING, 3M, PZU, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and many others across Europe.

We are starting our cooperation by building a product portal and application, which will become a part of a coherent information and service ecosystem.

MARO's comprehensive offer (including reception desks, desks, cabinets, seating, conference tables, home office sets) will be presented in several language versions, taking into account the needs of the main target groups (including the division into geographic markets).

The complementary part of the project were UX workshops, which were fully conducted online. Thanks to the use of dedicated applications, we had the opportunity to conveniently develop, among other things, an empathy map (Design Thinking), in order to formulate the main needs, benefits, and obstacles related to user activities. Finally, we formulated design challenges, which then became the subject matter for the ideation phase - i.e. the search for the best solutions. The project for MARO is a solution "tailored to measure", so we also planned usability testing of the beta version of the portal with the participation of users (representatives of target groups).
The technological area includes, among others, solutions in the latest version of the enterprise-class CMS vmContent S4 system , as well as a front-end application in the form of a Progressive Web App (PWA).

If you are interested in creating a tailor-made solution, we invite you to contact us. We would be happy to tell you how we work together with our clients to build projects that translate into tangible business results.