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Project / 08.05.2017

VISUAL again for Profim

Profim Sp. z o.o. is one of the largest manufacturers of office seating in Europe, and a winner of prestigious industry competitions such as the Reddot Award 2017, where design, quality of execution, and product ergonomics are evaluated. We have been working with Profim since 2014. The current website was designed by our company and won the main prize in the WebstarFestival competition - in the category of best corporate website.


Today we're setting the bar even higher, with the goal of creating a new, more efficient user interface and improving the functionality of selected portal components. We'll take care of the new design, and integrate the presentation layer with our own CMS system. The portal will be localized for additional language versions, providing necessary support for the work of our business partners, architects, and people interested in purchasing selected products.